The world cup 2015 final is just two laps away and we are excited as ever to know who is going to lift the cup this year. With everyone around the world excited and pumped up as the days are progressing here is a prediction from our Astrological experts based on the ruling planetary position.

So far with the twist and turns in every match there are speculations who is going to win and there are bigger eligible tycoon teams who are due to lift the cup. The average run rates of the teams accordingly are

New Zealand being the top favorite has high chances but its counter side South Africa, India and Australia are also amongst the race. The defending champions so far has shown great show with record scores which makes the prediction tougher. According to the analysis by our experts India and South Africa would make it to the semi-finals but have meager chances to go to the finals. Saturn and Rahu are favorable to host Australia and New Zealand. There is stronger edge of New Zealand over Australia to win the match Disclaimer- Please note that the predictions are only meant for research purposes and entertainment. It is not meant for any other use and organization shall not be responsible for the consequences arising out of it its interpretation or usage.