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On The Path Of Happiness, Peace And Love

What makes a happy life?  May be, ‘all wishes coming true’?  A research shows that there are three major things on which happiness in life is perceived : Health, wealth and relationships; the order may be different for each one.

Astrological analysis and guidance can be immensely helpful in overcoming the problems, mental blocks and situational issues in these areas.  As explained in other pages, the houses, signs and planets, their combinations, and the rigorous  analysis helps a person to be on the path of happy life and happy mind.

Let us have a look how ancient astrology helps in these major issues. For each of these issues, the sthan, or house and combinations of planets are very important. No single factor decides it, but various permutations, combinations of all factors need to be studies and analysed before prediction. The experts and Punditjuction are thorough and diligent in their analysis and predictions and have guided many on the happiness path.



Relationships give grounded-ness, comfort and acceptance to a person. The relations are the foundations of unconditional joy and love.

Certain planets have a bearing over different relationships. Sun rules the relation with father, Moon is for mother, Jupiter for Guru, Mercury for younger sibling, Mars for elder sibling, Venus for spouse/love and so on, whereas Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and other negative planets bring a split in the relation and bonds.

Money, wealth have become the sole measure of success in life. Wealth also includes inheritance, and has a direct connection with relationships.

Income can be self earned, or through a supportive person, earned in a rightful way, or a wrongful way, earned in a job or profession or business. One may have to toil every day to bring bread on the table, whereas the other enjoys passive income. One may earn well, but does not get converted into wealth. There are so many possibilities about money.

The horoscope can tell a lot of things about income and wealth of a person. The 2nd place or sthan is the house of income. The planets tell us about the time, amount and source of income. The negative income, that is losses, bankruptcy are associated with the 12th house.


Our healthy body is the seat of all happiness. A healthy body and a healthy mind enable the person to enjoy good relations and good wealth. The 1st and 6th sthan and specific combination of planets tell us the level of physical and mental resistance or ease.

The calculation and analysis of the 6th house and permutations of associated rashis and planets reveal about the occurrence of chronic disease, small illness, surgeries, accidental events and such.

The period and extent of suffering or pain and possibility of recovery and healing can be well predicted with the study of relevant houses, planets, rashis and time.


A human life is a series of events, some are welcome, some are not so. It is believed that the current life is one of the many and its purpose is to enjoy good deeds and pay for bad deeds, all accumulated. The person ‘selects’ the particular combination of planets to fulfil this objective. The horoscope or planets are only a depiction of the impression of all ‘sanskars’ of earlier lives, as per ancient knowledge.

The ancient knowledge does help the person understand the co-existence of gain and pain in a life and guides the person accordingly. At Punditjuction, we follow the same philosophy to help people achieve mental peach and a happy state of mind throughout the life.


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