Double your Wealth

Double your Wealth

Would you get the best in life? Wondering what is in store for you? And will your business/career help you achieve all your ambitions? Each person wants to be successful in this life, but few accomplish their desired destinations. What is it that makes them distinctive among others, and what are the factors that ensure their success in life?

Let your stars guide you towards enhancing your wealth like never before, and get the desired success in all your business ventures. Know in advance about the arenas where triumph awaits you, the fields that are most lucrative for growth & prosperity, and the potential difficulties that you may face in your career & business, such that you are on guard in advance.

Contact us today for a phone/email based consultation, or go for Gemstone Therapy as per your date of birth/zodiac.

Life Style

Success is directly proportionate to wealth…… and everybody wants to be wealthy & successful.

But the million dollar question is what will help me get to that pinnacle? Invest in stock market? Start a business? Invest in current business? Change job? Study more to land a double paying job?

Questions everywhere and along with these questions come sleepless nights, aches/pains unexplained, strained personal relationships

Our Positive Lifestyle Change Experts(PLCE) understand that no 2 situations are similar AND hence have designed a simplistic approach to help us help you

Consult via Phone or Email

Phone/email based consultation

Find the right direction to move ahead in your career and attain success in life.

Consult our experts and in accordance with your stars and the readings from your birth chart, find personalized solutions for career related issues that you may be facing. We also offer consultation based upon gemstone therapy.


Life style


This is a well-integrated approach based on the individuals' lifestyle & situation and not just another "Yoga" or "Meditation" session Our life style expert has been teaching Lifestyle improvement techniques as part of his Mind, Breathe & Body experiential trainings.