Virgo Sun Sign - Know Everything !

Planetary Ruler: Mercury Sanskrit Name: Kanya
Lucky Color: Grey/Green Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Stone: Emerald Element: Earth
Nakshatras: Uttara, Hasta and Chitra  

Nature, Behavior and Traits

The planetary ruler for Virgo is Mercury, and just like the qualities of Mercury, Virgos are intelligent, thoughtful, and have good expression power. A Virgo Horoscope depicts Virgos as good communicators, having an in-depth nature to analyze and discriminate the good and the bad. They are performance oriented and are thoroughly efficient in their tasks. They are bent towards exploring more knowledge and are attracted to health, hygiene, healing and related matters.

The sixth sign of the Zodiac, “Virgo” is symbolized by a “Virgin” and tend to take some of their qualities, such as purity, modesty, humanity, duty borne, serving others, etc. Virgos indulge in too much of analytical thinking. They approach to a situation more critically considering all aspects even of the minutest level. Gifted with the powers to discriminate, it is difficult to cheat or lie to them. However, at times their analytical thinking may enter the area of suspicion and doubt. Virgos are the studious lot, very neat and clean in their attitude.

They are grounded people and excited with their material possessions.