Venus – Love, Relationship & Money

Venus is the second planet that is closer to the Sun. Thus is the second largest object that is visible to us through our naked eye after the Moon in the night sky. Being closer to us, it has a lot of influence on humans.  

A favorable Venus in your Birth Chart would bring along love, good relationship, money and a taste for artistic pleasures. Thus people who belong to the Sun Sign Taurus and Libra, most often show these traits as they are ruled by the planet Venus.

With a strong Venus in your birth chart, people are attractive and also attract others towards them. Socializing with others is also not a task for such people. They spread happiness, are spiritually inclined and are sensual. They are blessed with good marital life, can create healthy relationships, are emotionally attached, have great friends, business partners and teach everyone how to love and appreciate the things one possesses.

With a strong Venus one is inclined towards arts such as music, drama, dance, literature, painting, photography to name a few. It represents, comfort, luxury, beauty, luck, wisdom, reputation, high designation and gains. Thus a strong Venus in your birth chart is of importance.

Remedies to Enhance Venus:

Astrology with its momentous benefits also provides remedies in case if a planet in your horoscope is malefic. In case if the planet Venus is harmful, there are certain remedies one can perform in order to appease the Lord.

  • Appeasing Goddess Laxmi/ any other Goddess: Performing rituals such as pooja and fast on a Friday is beneficial to nullify the ill effects of the planet Venus.
  • Wearing a Gemstone: “Diamond”, “Zircon” and “Opal” are the three stones that are recommended to enhance the effects of Venus.
  • Chanting Mantras: Chanting mantras to appease Venus is one of the effective remedies. “Om dram dreem draum sah shukray namah” is one of the mantras you can recite as per Hindu Traditions. You may use a “Sphatik Mala” for the chanting of Mantras.

These remedies can bring forth all the riches that are bestowed upon by Venus. A good placement of Venus brings most pleasures associated with Love, Relationship and Money.