Understanding Now

Interpreting your kundali for now and future

People are interested in knowing about the future or predictions throughout their lives. When they are small children, young adults, matured individuals or senior citizen, at every stage of life the mystery of ‘future’ attracts us. ‘What lies ahead’ is the most intriguing question in most minds, very few dismiss it as ‘que sera sera’.

At every stage, the purpose is different and the expectations are varied. As small children, it’s curiosity more than anything else, love and care is the basic expectation from outside world. Teenagers are more concerned with life choices, education, career options; at the same time the life is full of hope and something to look forward to. Gradually the person settles and the focus shifts to family, relationships, income and wealth; and finally the elders find the time and mindspace to think about religion and spirituality. Of course, this is a very broad description. People may come from very different situations and can have very different expectations and concerns. There is nothing as ‘a pattern’ or ‘normal’. We all are different individuals.


Kundali analysis is far deeper than just predicting future events. Proper analysis of Kundali not only gives you strength to cope with the current stage or events in life, but also prepares for you to take control of yourself for what lies ahead in future.

Karma plays a vital role in life functioning, be it good karma, or bad karma. ‘Karma’ is the sum total of our deeds done in the previous births, unfinished for whatever reason, which needs to be completed to grow further in life. This growth may be materialistic or spiritual, depending on the deeds.

Kundali analysis helps in understanding the Karma pattern and the hurdles that are detrimental to growth.

In trying to resolve the current problem, to come out of an unpleasant current situation, we also want to be sure that it would not occur again in life. When you get your Kundali properly interpreted from a Punditjunction expert, possibility is that you get the guidance for the current situation and the strength to deal with the future.

Life is a journey of purification, where we crave for satisfaction, peach, joy and happiness. Once you make peace with the current situation, future can be in your control.

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