Umesh Yadav

Umesh Yadav is an Indian international Cricketer and plays for Vidharba in domestic cricket. He is s right handed batsman and right-arm fast bowler. He made his ODI debut in 2010 against Zimbabwe.

Born on 25th October 1987 his sun sign is Scorpio. Scorpions are very intense, passionate, having desires and a penetrating nature. They will work hard and dig into the minute things of life, and have a powerful regenerating attitude. They may lose today, but that stamps their victory for tomorrow. They like to take control of the situation and govern their destiny as well. Like a scorpion, they are determined to fight back, are stubborn, but very intense and firm on what they want.

According to his sun kundali, ruling Jupiter aspects the natal moon forming a time while mars the lord of Scorpio is transiting through hours of valor. He would fair very well in this ICC world cup series.