Tough Luck and What to do About it

If you ask any random common man, ‘Why do you work?’ or ‘Why are you travelling?” Or “why are you buying / selling your house?” the answer would, most probably some variation of ‘for my / my family’s pleasure or happiness”.

Yes, almost all our actions are driven by our desire to be happy, to have pleasure. And there is nothing wrong in that wish. All inventions, medicines, cures, cosmetics, luxuries and comforts, astrological expeditions, marriages are for happiness and pleasure – for an individual, or for a community or for a nation or for mankind.

And what do we really get? Something less than expected. Sometimes when you reach there, you find the grass is not that green, sometimes you realise that your family wanted a lake and you have conquered a mountain, sometimes petty politics takes away your credit in a project, your company closes down, your child wants to do something absolutely unsual and unexpected, sometimes an axe of disease falls on your beloved. There is some problem or other that does not let you enjoy the fruit of your hard work whole heartedly. At some point you realise that everyone has got his ‘own private hell’.

Is there any cure for this?

Why does it happen to me?

Why I have to face this in spite of my good deeds?

Why do I have such bad luck?

There are two things in this. One is that we always want more and never find a ‘happy man’d shirt’. Secondly, you usually come across a hand of fate, rather than ‘hand of God’.

This fate or Niyati plays a very vital role in happiness in our lives. Actually Niyati is nothing but accumulation of our own Karma. The vedic scriptures have described it beautifully as ‘our soul is pure as a diamond, covered with silk and dirt of our karmas’. When we clear all the layers, the original diamond will shine with all its glory.

The Kundali or the birth chart reflects these layers.

An expert from PunditJunction will help you understand this and suggest ways to clear the layers and let the diamond shine. That is where you are as tough as a diamond and as happy as you can be.

PunditJunction expert is a qualified guide for you on this path of overcoming tough luck and be happy- always!

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