Tough Situations

On one hand, everyone leads an ordinary, common life. On the other hand, everyone feels her life events are ‘different’ from others. Both the statements are true. For each one, his or her life is unique and the problems they face may seem common, but the intensity and other variables are different and everyone rightly feeds that no one else can understand his or her problems.

Losing a job is no doubt a situation that shakes one’s confidence. At the same time, on any particular day, there are hundreds of employees all over the world losing their jobs. However each one feels he is alone in this situation. This feeling is also true and each person’s challenges are different. Rahul was 46, a green card holder, employed for good amount of time in one of the most renowned companies, married with kids, settled in life. He was on bench for 3 months, and finally he received a redundancy notice. He was caught in a tough situation

A number of questions troubled him.

Why him?

What would happen to his family?

How would he get a new job at this age?

What would other people and the world would talk about him?

What about his mortgage of house, car?

How would he provide excellent education to his children?

But the most important effect was on his ego and self-confidence. Suddenly the composed, sorted and confident person turned into an unsure, burdened and shy man.

This is just an example. One might see people hurt in relationships, fighting with diseases, facing legal battles, dropping from education, and so on.

One can look at these situations as a ‘long rope’ given to us by life. Very few come out of it, many hang themselves with it. Many make choices based on intelligence or reason (rather than heart), advices from family or friends, financial stability and their own emotional quotient.

Answers and remedies applying ancient knowledge are derived by thinking of a person as an unique individual and suggestions are absolutely personalised. They help a person to come out of the situation and make life easy and worth living. One can find peace and sanctity, and life can be worth it.

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