The Gemstone Ruby

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The Gemstone Ruby

Quick Overview

Ruby is the gemstone recommended for the Sun Sign Leo, or anyone who has an influence of the Sun. Ruby stone helps to get rid of the violent, arrogant, boastful, impulsive, egoistic and impatience nature of the Sun. Besides it enhances the positive traits, and brings better prospects to the wearer.

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About Ruby

The gemstone Ruby symbolizes the planet Sun, and Sun being the ruling planet of the Sun Sign Leo, it is the perfect stone for people with this Zodiac. However, if your horoscope has a weak placement of the Sun or if you wish to please the Sun God, this gemstone can be adorned. Ruby stone is considered to be the gemstone of love. It creates energy, liveliness and gives confidence in a person’s nature. Ruby gem also protects a person from evil spirits. It brings prosperity and improves health.

Effects of the Gemstone Ruby

Wearing the gemstone Ruby proves quite beneficial. Ruby stone reduces the negative thoughts of a person and improves the financial and economic status of the wearer. It brings a positive influence in the life of the person and they might also receive favorable support at work and home. The wearer would most likely get a promotion, a strong position in politics, would be disciplined and dedicated towards work.

Why to wear Ruby Gemstone? 

Sun creates a major impact in the life of most people, and thus wearing Ruby gem gives profitable results. The person, who wears Ruby stone, is most likely to achieve success in his/ her life. Person can achieve victory over their enemies. It brings stability in one’s life. Ruby jewelry helps to bring progress in health and protect from all diseases. It also brings success in your professional life. 

Conjuration of Ruby and Leo

The Sun Sign Leo is gravely influenced by the gemstone Ruby. Leo is the most powerful and dynamic sign of the zodiac. You are a natural leader with a tremendous ability and willingness to delegate authority and responsibility as you respond tremendously to the feelings of others. Your sign symbolizes ambition and generosity, trust, love and a great fondness for company. As a friend, you are truly a friend par excellence, loyal, kind and generous. This sign is ruled by the planet Sun, and thus Ruby stone is quite apt for people born under this Sun Sign. 

Procedure to wear Ruby

Before wearing Ruby gem it is essential to purify it.  Ruby rings / pendants should be placed in a copper vessel in unboiled milk and gangajal mixture. Wash it with clean water and offer flowers, incense sticks and chandan before wearing this gemstone. Ruby gem has to be worn on the ring finger of the right hand if male and left hand if female on a Sunday before 10 am after chanting the mantra, “Om Dhruniha Suryaya Namah”.

We also recommend you to contact a learned astrologer before wearing this gemstone.

Product Details

Pundit Junction offers both, pendant and rings made of the gemstone Ruby. The rings are adjustable; however, we would recommend you to buy pendants. They are made from 92.5% Sterling Silver, and are made in the range of 4.5 to 6 Carats. Customers willing to get gold coating for the pendants or rings might also receive it as per their requirement. The pendant comes without a chain.