Influence of Shani in Our Lives

In this world, each and every life form is affected by planets but Shani or Saturn is believed to be the most powerful among the nine planets. In astrology, Shani is mentioned of in the same way as burglars speak about cops.

The literal meaning of Shani is the one who moves slowly, and Saturn is called Shani owing to its tendencies. Shani stays in a single zodiac sign for a period of two and a half years. Nevertheless, the strength of Shani lies in the fact that it is known to yield immediate results. Supporting the truth in its entirety, ensuring justice and devotion towards one’s parents are the basic propensities of Shani.

Lord Shani Dev

If the planet Shani is favorably placed in an individual’s horoscope, it ensures long age and longevity. Alternately, Shani is considered as a great teacher who punishes the ones who make a mistakes but rewards good action. As Shani is the planet of justice, it ensures justice is done based on a person’s deeds.

The numerological sign of Shani is number 8 and in human bodies, legs and bones are believed to be governed by Shani. Similarly, all products beneath the surface of the earth are said to be ruled by Lord Shani, and if there is a strong influence of Shani in one’s horoscope, it greatly enhances his chances of succeeding in all ventures associated with mining. Another very characteristic feature of Shani is its discipline and those who adhere to their work with discipline are suitably rewarded by Lord Shani. The zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are governed by Shaniedev.