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Quick Overview

A person using a Rudraksha Mala or one who wears it is bestowed with good health, is respected by others and attracts everyone towards them. They also attain the desired results in all the tasks or the jobs in hand.

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Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Mala is one of the most powerful mala found in the Universe. It is also known as Shiva’s eye. Among all the Mala’s a Rudraksha Mala is quite course in nature, and thus serves as the biggest acupressure while one is chanting mantras using this Mala.

Where are they found?

These days because of globalization you may find a Rudraksha mala in any corner of the world. However, its genuineness needs to be tested. Rudraksha is basically found in Nepal as most tress of this herb is found there. There also lies a place called Mansarovar in Nepal, where Lord Shiva performed penance (tapasya).

There is an ancient mythological story behind the trees of Rudraksha. It is believed that when Goddess Uma became Sati, Lord Shiva turned violent and cried with great aggression. It was Shiva’s tears that turned into the trees of Rudraksha. Rudraksha mala thus has great significance when chanting mantras, especially if you are chanting the mantras related to Lord Shiva.

Benefits of Rudraksha Mala

One can overcome various health problems when using a Rudraksha to chant mantras or even if you are wearing the same. The mala can also be worn on your hand as a bracelet. Health problems such as High Blood Pressure (HBP), Low Blood Pressure (LBP), migrane, sinus, chest pain, acidity, eyesight problem can be reduced or overcome when using this mala. One can also attain peace or mind, which would further result into less quarrels and unnecessary fights, business prosperity and one can also be in the gracious presence of the Lord.

Mantras that can be recited with Rudraksha Mala

A Rudraksha Mala is quite apt to chant the mantras related to Lord Shiva. “Om Namaha Shivaya” is one such mantra that can be recited with this Mala. The Ideal day to chant the mantra is on a Monday. Alternately it can also be used to chant mantras related to Lord Shani.

When opting to purchase this mala one need to ensure that you take maximum benefits from this mala. It is also advisable to get your horoscope read and analyzed from a trained astrologer in order for you to get the right directions of the accurate mala to pick and the mantras that you need to recite that could work wonders for you.