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Relationships , Break-ups


Even the closest of interpersonal human relationships can sometimes go through difficult stages. At times, it may even end up in a breakup, but that always opens doors for a spiritual awakening and a new phase in life.

Sometimes, one may feel that he is not getting along well with his partner. Moreover, many of us have to occasionally put up with circumstances like one’s partner living away from home. And in such situations, unprecedented doubts can arise in one’s mind and one may be taken over by dilemmas. There could, once in a while be misunderstandings, and one might wonder if the relationship would sustain itself.

Let’s face it. Breakups can be painful, and invariably have implications on your partner and yourself, and sometimes your families as well. One might feel that he/she requires time to get over the situation, and this could affect one’s day to day life.

Get in touch with us and make sure that you do not have to compromise on your happiness. For any relationship issues that may be intriguing you; contact us and find solutions to ensure that joy returns to the life of your partner and yourself.

Bring back the happiness in your life and relationship!

Life Style

Facing trouble in relationship? Misunderstanding could be for many reasons. Long distance relationship, certain straights, habits, mood swings.

Going through such a troubled relationship or even a breakup can be very stressful-it may lead to depression; separation from other family members/friends/wealth/job…the list is endless.

Put an end to the circle of loss .Talk to our Positive Lifestyle Change Experts(PLCE) who understand what going through such a phase may involve. A well tested stepwise 4 fold experienced consultation cum therapy has been designed. The following will be tackled in this therapy:

  • Personalized analysis and recommend lifestyle changes based on individual needs.
  • Stress management.
  • Individualised diet,exercise regime.
  • Fortnightly reviews.

Consult via Phone or Email

Phone/email based consultation

Contact us for solutions to all your employment related concerns. Get in touch with our experts for a phone based consultation, and based upon the positioning of your stars or your birth chart, our astrologers will find a solution to the issues you may be facing. We also offer consultation based upon gemstone therapy.


Life style


This is a well-integrated approach based on the individuals' lifestyle & situation and not just another "Yoga" or "Meditation" session Our life style expert has been teaching Lifestyle improvement techniques as part of his Mind, Breathe & Body experiential trainings.