Relationships bring substance to this life; they make the life meaningful, beautiful and captivate our existence with a million smiles that we share with those around us.

Nevertheless, sometimes our relationships can become a little complicated, wherein we are compelled to choose between what we want from life and what others expect from us. Or we have to figure out the best path for ourselves to go ahead with our lives, while living up to the expectations of others.

The challenges that our relationships encounter us with in our life are innumerable. Sometimes, we are worried about our family and sometimes, our children bother us. We feel that our kids are growing up too fast, and as we lose control over them, we wonder, will their future be secure? Or are they in a position to be independent?  At times, we try to find out that what is it that will bring a change in environment, & peace and happiness in life?

Another challenge all of us have to put up with is finding the right life partner. And making a choice can sometimes be very challenging. A lot of apprehensions take over an individual’s mind over selection of a life partner. One wonders how his spouse is going to be. Would he have any shortcomings? Would he overlook your shortcomings and accept you as you are? And how well is the relationship going work out?

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