Mysterious Shadow Planets – Rahu & Ketu

The two planets, Rahu and Ketu, create chaos in your lives. Astronomically they are not planets, but just the North and South node of the satellite Moon. These two shadow planets mysteriously affect our lives, and they are attributed to our past life, which directly creates an impact on our relationships, health and other aspects such as accidents, sudden changes, indulgence and commitments. Their effects and intensity depends upon their strength, and their placement in your birth chart.

If your birth chart has a strong influence of Rahu and Ketu, August 10, and August 11, 2013, are important days to perform remedies and subside the malicious spells of these planets. These are auspicious days of Naga Chaturthi and Naga Panchami. Symbolically Rahu and Ketu represent the snake God; Rahu being the front (mouth) and Ketu the tail.

All curses (sharp) to the family or individual can be removed/minimized on “Swati Nakshatra”, which is an added benefit for many who wish to abate the ill effects of this Dosh. The pooja can be performed on your own or with the help of a priest. It is also important that you perform offerings and prayers with the right procedure and by chanting the right mantras.