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Putrajeeva Mala is considered quite powerful as it helps increase the life quality of your children and their future prospects. It also helps attain a child.

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Putrajeeva Mala

Malas have a lot of importance in the life of humans. They are used as remedies to overcome your problems or challenges you face in your life. Just as Gemstones, Malas carry a reputation which has its own significance. The fact that one takes efforts to chant mantras with the help of Malas, the effects are more beneficial. Putrajeeva Mala is one such mala that one can use to attain good health, education, and better prospects for your kids. It is also used for people who wish to have a child.

How can Putrajeeva Mala help?

Malas are made from various herbs, medicines and stones that have a great impact on your internal and external well-being. Putrajeeva Mala is made from the fruit seeds of the Putrajeeva tree and thus offers enormous benefits for the person who uses this mala to chant mantras. Thus those people, who do not have kids, have been suffered from miscarriage in the past or if children did not survive after birth can use this mala. Chanting of mantras with the help of this mala culminates into certain energy to fulfill the wishes of the devotee. However, one has to ensure that you have your horoscope read before performing any such ritual because one should also be blessed with attaining a child in their horoscope.    

Benefits of Putrajeeva Mala

The benefits of chanting mantras using a Putrajeeva Mala are immense. It not only benefits those who are unable to bear a child, but also those who wish to have a vibrant future for their children. Children who are weak since birth or nursing some illness can also benefit with this mala.

Mantras to be recited using a Putrajeeva Mala

Chanting mantras using a Putrajeeva Mala can bring prosperity for your kids. It can also increase the life span of children with better life quality. One should, however, contact a trained astrologer to know details of the mantras or when to recite the mantras with this mala. Getting your horoscope analyzed and read is also a pre-requisite.

Among the mantras, the following mantras can be recited:

“Om Namaha Bhagwatey Vasudevaha” or

“Devki Sut Govinda Yasudeva Jagatpatey deemahi Tanayam Krishna Tyahum Sharan Gatha”

Using a Putrajeeva Mala regularly can help you fulfill most of your wishes related to your children and their well-being.