Pisces Sun Sign - Know Everything !

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter and Neptune Sanskrit Name: Meena
Lucky Color: Gray, Blue, Purple, Violet Lucky Day: Thursday
Lucky Stone: Yellow Sapphire Element: Water
Nakshatras: Purva Bhadrapada Uttara Bhadrapada and Revati  

Nature, Behavior and Traits

The planetary rulers for Pisces are the two heavenly bodies, Jupiter and Neptune. A Pisces Horoscope defines Pisceans as compassionate, loving, intuitive and poetic by nature. They are always ready to help others and have a charitable attribute. They have a selfless attitude and are imaginative in thoughts. They are good listeners and make the most delightful of friends.

Symbolized by two fishes swimming in the opposite directions, Pisceans are shy and gentle at heart, with an imaginative nature, rather dreamers in their own world. Though quiet and submissive, they have a huge potential of talent and strength deep within. They dwell in a world of fantasy, as the sign falls under the element of “water”. Just like water they can be deep as an ocean and shallow as a small pond. Their zodiac falls under more of spiritual activities and bears some supernatural powers as well.

The main strengths of Pisceans are the virtues of compassion, social life, creativity, intuition and imagination, with an ease to face situations, turn negativity into apt positive ones through tolerance, sincere efforts and a friendly approach.