Partner with Us

Pundit Junction is fast evolving as a well accepted Consultation Platform for all things related to Astrology! Be it consultations regarding personal life events or professional changes, our customers make it a point to seek guidance while making their decisions. Our clients are delighted by the consistency of the PJ readings, independent of which consultant they interact with.

Our panel of Senior Astrologers bring with them years of relevant academic and consulting experience. Based on their knowledge, we have built a repository of valuable content related to Vedic astrology and Vaastu. We specialize in engaging our audience through subscription based services like newsletters, blogs, and video podcasts.

Based on our expertise, we can provide the following premium services to your business, enabling you to extend the same to your clientele:


Your business model

PJ Service proposal

Matrimony website

-       Consultations on individual’s horoscopes

-       One-one-One consultation on matching horoscopes

Real Estate website

 Vaastu consultation

 (using well tested methodologies to procure and deliver  findings)

Spirituality products

 Consultations combined with recommendations of appropriate remedies (of your products – gemstones, rudraksha, saligrams etc). Only genuine and result-oriented products will be considered.

Philosophical Content

(Blogs, Podcasts etc)

 Complement your content with well-researched content on Astrology, Life Management etc

Service Delivery Organizations

(Performing rituals, Spiritual Tour operators etc)

 Create content on Indian Astrology and time tested methodologies.

 Provide limited-time low-cost consultations to your clients to spread awareness for your business.

If your organization would like to partner with us, please do send us an email at: bizdev@localhost/pj and we will get in touch with you!