Effects of Opal Stone in Astrology



The Gemstone Opal has many positive benefits. It is the prime stone for the planet Venus. Thus, if your Birth Chart shows a weak placement of the planet Venus, one can adorn the gemstone to enhance the power of the planet. Venus in turn brings wealth, beauty, love, joy and enhances and strengthens your relationship. People with the Sun Sign Taurus and Libra, who are both ruled by Venus, are most often recommended to wear an Opal.

Opal is an alternative or a substitute for the Gemstone Diamond. It has the same powers that of a diamond. However, Opal has an upper hand. Diamond is a strong stone which shows great effects to the wearer. On the other hand if the stone does not suit the wearer, it might show negative effects as well. Opal in this regard gives only positive benefits, eliminating the negative traits. Thus most people opt for the gemstone Opal when recommended a diamond. Learned astrologers for that matter even suggest the gemstone to ensure that the people are benefited the most.

Opting for an Opal is not a costly affair to diamond. The stone is thus in demand by many making Opal the most sought after stone these days.

The stone has to be worn on a Friday after performing the necessary rituals, such as a pooja and fast. When wearing a gemstone, you need to ensure that the Mantra to be recited is also correct to appease the Lord. When wearing Opal, the following mantra has to be recited:

“Om Draam Dreem Droom Saha”

Before wearing any gemstone, you need to ensure that you follow all the required procedures. Getting professional help is thus important. Get your Birth Chart read and analyzed from the right people to attain maximum benefits of a Gemstone.