The Most Powerful Planet in Vedic Astrology



Vedic Astrology is a part of Astronomy. It starts where Astronomy ends. The planets that revolve around the sun it creates a grave impact on the lives of people on the earth as well. The nearness of the planets, the general character of the planet and the placement of the planet in a particular House of your Birth Chart, together constitute to its strength and weakness. Thus the planets on their own are not strong or weak and for that matter we cannot point one planet to be the strongest among all. If a particular planet is placed in the right house, it may enhance your life and bring all the riches, fame, glory and the things that mean the most to you, making it a stronger planet for you. In the same way, it is “One for Each”.

We will now define a few characteristic traits of all the planets that are considered when studying Astrology. The planets have a certain specific traits of their own, however, when it is in conjunction with other planets it might also get influenced with the other planets. The placement of the planets is thus of grave importance.

  1. Sun: Sun is the atma (soul) of all planet and humans as well. It is the King of all planets and thus possesses various positive traits such as being a fatherly figure, has immense strength, holds self-respect, is just, and authoritative.
  2. Moon: Moon is related to the mind. It acts as the mother of all, and imparts love, peace of mind, positivity and emotions. Moon is money. It also represents water and greenery. It is closest to the planet earth and thus affects us a lot.
  3. Mercury: Mercury depicts Intelligence. People with a strong placement of Mercury in their Birth Chart are business minded, have better grasping power, can think logically, good in math, are agile and alert. It also represents speech and other business related to it.
  4. Venus: Venus depicts love relationship and business. It enhances your sex life, lifestyle, and bring along money and prosperity of all kind.
  5. Mars: Mars depicts courage, bravely, technical and scientific strength and confidence. People with a strong Mars are great soldiers, policemen, engineers, doctors and related professions associated with it. It also represents land and real estate.
  6. Jupiter: Jupiter is known as Guru – the teacher. People influenced by Jupiter are spiritually intelligent and knowledgeable. Jupiter supports love, relationship, and travel.  It depicts wisdom and education of the person. One is also inclined towards doing good to mankind.
  7. Saturn: Shani is a hermit and depicts time old age, poverty and life. It is a judgmental planet, and the person with a strong Shani can do good in politics, business, and other such sectors that demands your self-confidence. One with a strong Shani is hardworking, self-empowered and successful in life.
  8. Uranus: Uranus has all the traits of Mercury, however, it is much more forceful or severe. We can term is as the enhanced version of Mercury. It denotes extreme knowledge and intelligence, or extreme changes (drastic) that one can experience. It also denotes modern technology, hypnotism and black magic.
  9. Neptune: Neptune is the enhanced version of Venus. It denotes intuition, beauty, social life. It is also known for creating confusion in the house it is placed in.
  10. Pluto: Pluto works on a mass scale. One might encounter big things happening to them (either good or bad). It is a recently discovered planet.  It relates to mass, social and spiritual life, and political events.
  11. Rahu: Rahu depicts the ascending north node and affects the moon the most among the planets. It bring name and fame, sudden changes, foreign travels to name a few. It also aids in healing diseases.
  12. Ketu: Ketu depicts the descending south node and affects the sun the most. It is worshipped for spirituality and also works in favor of changing events, accidents and broking relationships.

All planets have their own significance in astrology and can take a person to Rags or to Riches depending upon their placements, their conjunction, the Zodiac Signs and Nakshatras.  However, one may also lessen the ill effects of the planets to a certain extent by implements certain remedies. One may appease the ruling deity and surrender and may attain love, health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, and all things that mean a lot to you.