Starting a family!

Starting a Family!

Starting a family is undoubtedly the most beautiful experience in the life of a married couple. Parents always have a thousand dreams for the child they are going to welcome in their family and in Hinduism; a child is believed to be comparable with Lord Krishna.

Parents invariably want to ensure that they get the best for their child, and the child is not just successful in life, but leads a life joyfulness and abundance, is always away from negative influences and does not face any difficulties in life.

And when a child is born, the entire universe and the cosmos join together in celebrating the moment. All people bring their best wishes for the new born, and for the child’s parents and their immediate families, their happiness just cannot be expressed in words.

Get in touch with us today, for all queries you may have regarding the right time to start a family and welcome a new one in your life. Consult with our expert astrologers and be assured that we will find you the requisite solutions for all queries that you may have regarding birth of your child, such that you ensure everlasting joy and happiness for your children, life partner, yourself and your family.

Life Style

Every couple looks at starting a family sooner or later. All look forward to have those 2 little feet wrapped under their arms. It is the most joyous moment of bringing a little soul into this world.

For starting this phase one need to be prepared mentally, financially and most important is to have the right positivity around you.

Our Positive Lifestyle Change Experts(PLCE) have helped numerous couples to stay fit, positive, patient in such a phase. A well tested stepwise 4 fold experienced consultation cum therapy has been designed. The following will be tackled in this therapy:

  • 1. Personalized analysis and recommend lifestyle changes based on individual needs.
  • 2. Stress management
  • 3. Individualised diet,exercise regime
  • 4 . Fortnightly reviews

Consult via Phone or Email

Phone/email based consultation

Contact us for solutions to all your employment related concerns. Get in touch with our experts for a phone based consultation, and based upon the positioning of your stars or your birth chart, our astrologers will find a solution to the issues you may be facing. We also offer consultation based upon gemstone therapy.


Life style


This is a well-integrated approach based on the individuals' lifestyle & situation and not just another "Yoga" or "Meditation" session Our life style expert has been teaching Lifestyle improvement techniques as part of his Mind, Breathe & Body experiential trainings.