Match-Making & analysis

Match-Making & Analysis

Marriage indeed is the greatest decision in one’s life, and one that needs to be taken meticulously. One must listen to his heart before finding the right partner and going ahead with the biggest step in his life.

With matchmaking and analysis services provided by Pundit Junction, ensure that you find the perfect life partner, and that the existence of your partner and yourself together becomes joyful & blissful in the divine provision of holy matrimony. Get in touch with us, and find the requisite and right resolution for any problems that you may be facing in your marriage or relationship

Let the matchmaking and analysis services provided by Pundit Junction let you feel assured that you are finding the right life partner for yourself, who is most compatible to your life, interests, inclinations and intrinsic tendencies. With our astrological services, you can overcome any doubts or apprehensions that may be at the back of your mind regarding the selection of your life partner. Find out how compatible is your life partner with you, and with your interaction with our expert astrologers, get simple and accurate remedies for any problems you may be faced with in your relationship.

With Pundit Junction by your side, ensure a blissful married life for the newlyweds.

Life Style

Marriage is the one decision that stays with you forever. Hence finding a right life partner is essential as this decision can make or break you. But is that a simple decision to take? NO,one would sometimes meet several prospective partners , thoughts need to be aligned, compatibility needs to be checked.

A very trying, high demand, stressful phase having a ppositive aura around you helps attract positive people.But how to get that charismatic aura??

Our Positive Lifestyle Change Experts(PLCE) will help you. A well tested stepwise 4 fold experienced consultation cum therapy has been designed. The following will be tackled in this therapy:

  • Personalized analysis and recommend lifestyle changes based on individual needs
  • Stress management
  • Individualised diet,exercise regime
  • Fortnightly reviews

Consult via Phone or Email

Phone/email based consultation

Contact us for solutions to all your employment related concerns. Get in touch with our experts for a phone based consultation, and based upon the positioning of your stars or your birth chart, our astrologers will find a solution to the issues you may be facing. We also offer consultation based upon gemstone therapy.


Life style


This is a well-integrated approach based on the individuals' lifestyle & situation and not just another "Yoga" or "Meditation" session Our life style expert has been teaching Lifestyle improvement techniques as part of his Mind, Breathe & Body experiential trainings.