Connect with your Children

Connect with your Children

Parents are always concerned about how their child will grow up to be. Have you been thinking about how your child’s life will be? Would he grow up to be intelligent, and would he do well in his studies? Kids’ health is yet another cause of concern for the parents. Their thoughts invariably revolve around their kids it No matter how old the kids are. Parents always want to see to it that their children are not just successful in their work, but stays secured from all unfavorable influences in the environment.

Get in touch with us today, for any problems that your child may be facing, and in any sphere of his life. Find effective solutions and remedies, and have your queries replied to efficaciously, irrespective of whether they are concerned with your child’s education or health, his interests & inclinations or the professional line most suitable for him/her in terms of success.

Life Style

Parents always worry about their children …whether their children are 2 years old or 20 years old or 40 years old…age doesn’t matter… To worry is a Parent’s legacy.. The reason for the worry could be many- It could be related to growth, eating, health, friends, education, career, marriage, wealth , grand children, reunion with the ones who live in other parts of the world, OR simply their well being  the list is endless.

But these worries bog you down, causes stress in you and the people in your surroundings, health suffers.

Our Positive Lifestyle Change Experts(PLCE) understand that no 2 situations are similar AND hence have designed a simplistic approach to help us help you

Consult via Phone or Email

Phone/email based consultation

Contact us for solutions to all your employment related concerns. Get in touch with our experts for a phone based consultation, and based upon the positioning of your stars or your birth chart, our astrologers will find a solution to the issues you may be facing. We also offer consultation based upon gemstone therapy.


Life style


This is a well-integrated approach based on the individuals' lifestyle & situation and not just another "Yoga" or "Meditation" session Our life style expert has been teaching Lifestyle improvement techniques as part of his Mind, Breathe & Body experiential trainings.