Love, Relationship and Saturn

About Saturn

Saturn is a beautiful planet in the Solar System. When observed from space it has prominent rings and numerous satellites. It looks divine and yet quite graceful. However the ill effects of Saturn (Shani) are known to one and all. Saturn in associated with limitations and restrictions. It is understood that its fury can destroy a person to such an extent that it would be very difficult for the person to ever get back to lead a normal life. However, Saturn is not always punishing. It is a planet of Justice that brings riches and glory as well as poverty and ill fate to people as per their deeds in this life and the past life.

love, relationship and saturn planet

Saturn gives meaning to your unstructured life. It makes us aware of our boundaries, our commitments and responsibilities. It defines our lives and brings self-realization in a person. Saturn can be associated to a person of authority that churns and molds the character of young beings. Just like in our childhood, the rules, regulations, restrictions and discipline imposed on us were not very pleasant, however, they nevertheless helped us become the person we are today, the same is the behavior of Saturn. Saturn helps us to grow as better humans.

Effects of Saturn

The fears, ill-effects and negativity from this furious planet can be observed in various forms. Shani Saade Sati is one of them, where people under the bad influence of Shani can experience a bad phase for 7.5 years. Saturn might also cause problems in love, relationship and marriage. These are the most common problems faced by people these days. Sani/ Saturn do not favor family life. Saturn is a hermit and thus the problems of late marriages, difficulty to bear children, culmination of a relationship into a divorce are quite prominent with its wrath. However, on the flip side, it might also help a person prosper in their love life and relationship even during Sade-Sati, if your deeds and thoughts have been good.


If your love life and relationship are coming under the bad influence of the planet Saturn, Astrology has a solution to minimize the ill effects of this planet. A few remedies such as wearing a gemstone, performing rituals such as a pooja, or reciting mantras can help a great deal to please Shani.

The Zodiac signs Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled by the planet Saturn. People who belong to this zodiac sign thus possess the positive traits of Saturn. Nevertheless they might also have a few traits of being stubborn and furious. The same remedies can also be prescribed for such individuals. However, it is always beneficial to get your horoscope prepared and read from learned astrologer, because when it comes to the question of shaping your love life and relationship, they might tell you the extent to which your relationship might sour and when to take the right steps in order to come out of such situation.

Astrology as a whole is a blessing as we humans are dependent on relationships, and being social beings would vie for company, care, love, attachment and affection. All this and more can be resolved through this science called Astrology.