Libra Sun Sign - Know Everything !

Planetary Ruler: Venus Sanskrit Name: Tula
Lucky Color: Violet/Silver Lucky Day: Friday
Lucky Stone: Diamond Element: Air
Nakshatras: Chitra, Swati and Vishakha  

Nature, Behavior and Traits

Libra is ruled by “Venus”, the planet of Love and Desires. A Libra Horoscope shows Librans having that aura of love, with a charming and impressive personality. They have an inbuilt sense of concord and a practical thought process. Librans are a store house of energy. They are clever, intelligent with good communication and creative skills.

Being the seventh sign of the Zodiac that represent "the scales", Librans always find a balance in everything they do and are surrounded by various people. They not only lead teams very well, but impress and built a good rapport with partners – be it life or business partners.

Being wise, honest and reliable, Librans have the capacity to change problematic/difficult situations into idealistic ones. They are the peace and fun loving ones. However, like the element "Air", which it characterizes, Librans may at times be unpredictable and would go into proving. Their opinions keep changing as they want to please everyone at the same time.