Leo Sun Sign - Know Everything !

Planetary Ruler: Sun Sanskrit Name: Simha
Lucky Color: Orange-Red Lucky Day: Sunday
Lucky Stone: Ruby Element: Fire
Nakshatras: Magha, Purva and Uttara  

Nature, Behavior and Traits

The Zodiac Sign Leo is ruled by “SUN”, who is the ruler of the solar system and the prime source of energy. It eliminates the solar system. Life exists only because of the Sun. The Sun is thus termed as the “SOUL” or “Atma karak”.  Leo horoscope in the same manner has most qualities of the planet Sun.

“Leo” is the most masculine sign of the Zodiac and is symbolized by a Lion – the King of Animals. It is characterized as most dominant, creative, ambitious, courageous, very confident, extremely strong willed, independent and at the same time bear strong leadership qualities and an association of great social standing.

Those who belong to this Sun Sign have a great clasp on others around them. With great moral values, extremely disciplined, intelligent, they hold a commanding position. They always lead from the front and are very supportive. Leos have a big fan following as well. Besides they are very practical in their outlook and are equally social at heart. They might even go out of their way to help others.

On the flip side, however, Leos may also at times become arrogant, rigid and possessive. Ego may override their ambitions and strengths.