Indian Astrology

Wisdom that holds true for 5000 years

Humans have been interested in knowing ‘what lies in the future?’ since time immemorial.

Indian civilization is known to be one of the oldest, and efforts to find the answer were on since then. The then scientists, known as seers and sages of that time, had different means of experimentation, observation and conclusion. Through their great meditative and intuitive powers, they could relate the planets, constellations, Sun, Moon, earth’s rotation and revolution and the 5 elements with man’s destiny. All living things, humans included, are part of this natural universe and as such, ruled by its forces.  Thus they could establish a connect with these cosmic forces with every aspect of our life.  Interestingly, all these connections have an accurate base of mathematics, astronomy and geography. Years and generations of observations and conclusions and cumulative knowledge developed the wonderful science of Indian astrology.
This science and wisdom have been guiding mankind for thousands of years. This fulfilling and collective knowledge of astronomy is imbibed in Vedas.

Western astrology is based on the Sign position during the spring Equinox, which usually happens on March 21 every year. On the other hand, the Vedic astrology, or Jyotish is based on the constellation placements at the time of birth of an individual. In that sense, it appreciates and acknowledge the uniqueness of every individual. For predictions, it requires date, time and place of birth of an individual.

Another unique facet of Vedic astrology is the role of Karma. Events and deeds in past life and re-birth play a vital role in designing the events, thoughts, inspirations and deeds in current life. It believes that unknown and untimely events, purpose of life and many other factors of life have the Karma connection. And what does the word ‘Vedic’ means?  The word Vedic literally means ‘of Vedas’.  Vedas are ancient scriptures – believed to be some of the oldest known to man – those cover almost every spectrum of life.  Spiritual, rituals, culture, music, sociology, politics, geography and of course astronomy and astrology are organised in 4 Vedas, or scriptures namely Rigved, Yajurved, Samved and Atharv Ved. The compilation of medical and pharmacy knowledge is called the fifth Ved, Ayurved.

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