The Gemstone Golden Topaz

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The Gemstone Golden Topaz

Quick Overview

Golden Topaz has proved quite beneficial to minimize the ill effects of the planet Jupiter. It promotes the well being of the wearer.

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About Topaz

Topaz gemstone is a yellow, soft, shiny and heavy stone. One should check for these qualities if you are looking from pure Topaz. Wearing Topaz might reduce the ill effects of your Rashi (Horoscope), nevertheless you need to make sure that you wear authentic gemstones, or it might only increase your sufferings.

Who should wear Golden Topaz?

Golden Topaz and Yellow Sapphire has similar qualities and work wonders for people who are ruled by the planet Jupiter (Brahaspathi). Since Jupiter is the ruling planet of the star signs Pisces and Sagittarius, Golden Topaz is the ideal Gemstone for these two Sun Signs. However, on the other hand, if a person’s birth chart does not show a good placement of the planet Jupiter, even those individuals can adorn this yellow topaz jewelry.

The procedure to wear Golden Topaz

Jupiter being of core importance when wearing Golden Topaz, its Dasha would be the right time to wear this stone. It is worn in a 7 to 12 Carat gold ring and needs to be worn on a Thursday evening, one hour before sunset in your index finger or little finger. Before wearing a topaz gemstone, the following mantra has to be recited 19000 times.

 “Om Saha Jroong Jring Jrang Om Brihaspate Namah”

You can also have the pooja performed from a learned astrologer or fortune teller. You need not wear a Diamond, Gomedh, Cats Eye Stone or Amethyst with this ring.

Effects of Golden Topaz

Apart from minimizing the ill effects of the planet Jupiter, Golden Topaz brings positivity in your health. It is believed that the gemstone increases your strength, promotes creativity and self-confidence in a person.  

How to test the purity of Golden Topaz?

To test the purity of the stone, keep Topaz in milk for 24 hours and check its shine. Pure topaz gemstone will not lose its polish.

If there are small black spots or white spots on the stone, it is recommended that you do not wear the stone. This might lead to certain hardships.

Yellow topaz jewelry that are damaged/broken or has a hole in it, or the ones with red spots might lead to financial difficulties.

Cracks in the stone leads to clashes among relationships and difference of opinions among family members.

The stone that has cracks from within or the ones that looks like a spider’s web has to be completely avoided as it might lead to severe health problems.

The sapphires that do not shine or appear dull need not be worn as it further affects your health.

Product Details

Pundit Junction offers both, pendant and rings made of the gemstone Golden Topaz. The yellow topaz rings are adjustable; however, we would recommend you to buy pendants. They are made from 92.5% Sterling Silver, and are made in the range of 4.5 to 6 Carats. Customers willing to get gold coating for the pendants or rings might also receive it as per their requirement. The pendant comes without a chain.