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Todays Horoscope : 02-08-2014

Sun Sign: Aries

As the day starts with minor upsets and tensions, you would find difficult to cope up with your health issues and tensions which mount up in the home front. However as you come to the end of the day complete the work task even though you have to put in extra hours, travelling for businessman may disturb the routine activities. You need to stay calm and silent. Avoid harsh words and erratic remarks. Keep yourself to your work activities as the day may not support you.

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Sun Sign: Taurus

With ample scope for innovations, new ideas, changeovers you may get new offers. Those working in art, drama, creative field can take up risky activities; however lifestyle industry would get a better favor than other industry. Family and loved ones would need attention, fulfill their expectations.

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Sun Sign: Gemini

Those working in the field of finance should see that whatever activities they are working should be legally and documentary update. Personal finances would also be stable. Accounts, audit and law related fields would benefit however they would find easy work activities but a long day. It is a favorable day for your sun.

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Sun Sign: Cancer

Loved ones and close ones should favor you, not only with emotions but also with material gifts. Love life would be glooming; however you need to complete your work activities. Businessman would smoothly execute their share of activities. Take out quality time for your loved ones.

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Sun Sign: Leo

Focus on your work activities and the team. Your personal performance may impress them but the hectic and the long hours may disturb the employees. Work on motivational programs so that there is more discipline planning and satisfaction in the work allotted. Domestic life may expect a lot from you. Your participation in the family activities would be appreciated as loved ones would feel happy and cared for

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Sun Sign: Virgo

You may be the favorite one as friends and colleagues clog around you and support you in all the work activities. Complete the entire professional task, be more creative and faithful in your work activities and task. Do not cross your budgets as you may tend to over spend today.

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Sun Sign: Libra

Arguments, misunderstanding, difference in opinions would disturb and distract you today in addition to the minor health issues which you are undergoing. If you experience low energy then you need to adapt to some meditational or spiritual activity so that you elevate your mind strength. Avoid travel and changes on routine activities. Connect to family and loved ones.

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Sun Sign: Scorpio

As the day and planet favors you, you would be tempted to take the day off, however be more focused, and attend to your activities. Those into land and property would do well and would experience a sign of relief as a lot of pending activities would get completed. Financially you would find yourself stable and would be in a position to clear off your long pending outstanding money. Connect with your loved ones.

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Sun Sign: Sagittarius

You would be in a rush to complete all your activities today as the week comes to an end. However your mind would wonder into doing activities related to social, political and religious fields. Do justice to your work schedule and then connect to the other phase. Keep a balance temperament; attend to the physical and minor approach. Drive carefully.

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Sun Sign: Capricorn

Keep yourself busy and tied up in the routine activities both at home and at office. Give freedom and freeness at work place so that there is quality activity, except others with a big heart and connect to family and build a sense of security and condemn.

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Sun Sign: Aquarius

If things don’t move as per your stipulations and expectations, be careful in performance and do not get upset and irritated. Motivate people around you and build an environment of positive energy. You may have to put in long hours at work today so that you can enjoy the week end. Stay patient and wait for results and returns.

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Sun Sign: Pisces

As the day supports your sign, embark on new task and activities which may seem difficult and risky and you have not taken up for a long time. You would easily achieve your targets, management would be happy. You would be appreciated, take initiative into new fields. Family and friends would come together. Health issues at home may be your concern but you would attend to your family well

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The word Horoscope is derived from the Greek word meaning, "a look at the hours". It deals with studying future events that are most likely to happen or experience by a person. Horoscope for today or horoscope analyses in most cases turns true, and thus creates a grave impact on each person's life. In Vedic Astrology it denotes the Sun, Moon, Planets, Astrological aspects and various permutation and combinations associated with these heavenly bodies at a particular point of time/event.


Horoscope dailyor Horoscope for today is an analysis done on the basis of your Zodiac Sign. It is established on the placement of the Sun at the time of a person's birth, along with the combination of other planets that can create an impact on the humans.

There are 12 Zodiac Signs starting from Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The Earth moves around its own axis in a day and round the Sun in one year. A year is thus divided into 12 months, and simultaneously into the 12 Zodiac signs. The Sun remains in a Zodiac Sign for a month and thus the characteristic traits and chain of events to be experienced by people falling in the same Zodiac are more or less similar.

The first month starts from March 21st to April 20th, which represents the first sun sign Aries. The next sun sign is Taurus from April 21st to May 20th and so on and so forth. The planetary influence on our lives at times is so immense that it is better to be cautious before taking any step, especially if it involves taking major decisions that can entirely change your life.

Are you curious to know how your day is today?

Would you like to know what should you expect and how your love life will be?

Do you wish to undergo a horoscope compatibility test for your future spouse or your love life?

Horoscope dailyis the answer to your questions. It is a guide that can point a few highlights of your day and help you minimize or avoid dangers that can arise through clashes or other actions.

The above readings are based on your sun signs. For a more personalized analysis and issues of vital importance, you may have your Horoscope prepared and analyzed from our expert astrologers. We also provide a personalized consultation.

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