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Todays Horoscope : 25-04-2014

Sun Sign: Aries

You’d be benefited financially & emotionally, and your knowledge & experience would prove beneficial to your organization. Be humble to impart knowledge & learning to others. Long pending tasks would progress towards completion, and this would make you feel happy & satisfied.

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Sun Sign: Taurus

You’d have to work towards completing your promises & commitments towards your parents & family. As far as work schedules are concerned, professionals would be at ease. Manage your expenses well and do not deviate from your budgets. Avoid borrowing money, as the same would increase your obligations.

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Sun Sign: Gemini

The day is particularly favorable for the ones into higher education or professional study. And those involved with indoor games or tournaments are likely to be successful or win titles. Financially, you’d find yourself in a smooth & comfortable position. Doctors & pharmacists would achieve success in their fields of activity.

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Sun Sign: Cancer

The day is likely to be busy & hectic, and this might make you feel emotional. You need to stay calm & patient, adapt a practical outlook and adhere to time deadlines. Take support of your close friends or family wherever required.

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Sun Sign: Leo

Today, you might feel that you are very dominating or authoritative, and you may have to work towards controlling your adamant & aggressive nature. New opportunities & associations are likely to yield long term benefits, so you must implement the same.

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Sun Sign: Virgo

You might be required to rework your priority areas & work activities. Some financial difficulties are likely. Health of your family members or yourself may require attention.

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Sun Sign: Libra

You might feel that you have been left out from the main stream of activities. Insecurities may build fear & helplessness. However, this would be a very temporary phase and you’d soon bounce back to normal. You need to stay committed to your responsibilities; religious & spiritual rituals would bring stability & peace of mind.

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Sun Sign: Scorpio

You’d have to be strong & witty. Your enthusiasm & energy need to be felt by all around you. Businesspersons would earn favors from unexpected outside factors. New ideas would pave way for growth & enhancement. Guard yourself against all negativity.

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Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Be more alert & vigilant against the unscrupulous activities happening around you. Identify all loose ends and seal the areas for an efficient performance. Be clear & transparent in all your deals. Do not over promise or work towards short term gains. On financial front, the day is favorable.

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Sun Sign: Capricorn

You’d be engrossed & lost in your work related activities, like sorting out issues and attending to people. Your experience and wisdom would prove beneficial to the organization. Pursue hobbies or engage in activities that would make you & your family happy.

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Sun Sign: Aquarius

You’d enjoy the comforts and luxuries of life. Your skills of research & creativity would find new avenues and would earn appreciation from all quarters. You’d impress your seniors and would feel satisfied with your achievements.

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Sun Sign: Pisces

Conduct of your friends or colleagues might make you feel awkward. Do some meditative activities & introspect to find a solution to your mood upsets. Your health may require attention.

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The word Horoscope is derived from the Greek word meaning, "a look at the hours". It deals with studying future events that are most likely to happen or experience by a person. Horoscope for today or horoscope analyses in most cases turns true, and thus creates a grave impact on each person's life. In Vedic Astrology it denotes the Sun, Moon, Planets, Astrological aspects and various permutation and combinations associated with these heavenly bodies at a particular point of time/event.


Horoscope dailyor Horoscope for today is an analysis done on the basis of your Zodiac Sign. It is established on the placement of the Sun at the time of a person's birth, along with the combination of other planets that can create an impact on the humans.

There are 12 Zodiac Signs starting from Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The Earth moves around its own axis in a day and round the Sun in one year. A year is thus divided into 12 months, and simultaneously into the 12 Zodiac signs. The Sun remains in a Zodiac Sign for a month and thus the characteristic traits and chain of events to be experienced by people falling in the same Zodiac are more or less similar.

The first month starts from March 21st to April 20th, which represents the first sun sign Aries. The next sun sign is Taurus from April 21st to May 20th and so on and so forth. The planetary influence on our lives at times is so immense that it is better to be cautious before taking any step, especially if it involves taking major decisions that can entirely change your life.

Are you curious to know how your day is today?

Would you like to know what should you expect and how your love life will be?

Do you wish to undergo a horoscope compatibility test for your future spouse or your love life?

Horoscope dailyis the answer to your questions. It is a guide that can point a few highlights of your day and help you minimize or avoid dangers that can arise through clashes or other actions.

The above readings are based on your sun signs. For a more personalized analysis and issues of vital importance, you may have your Horoscope prepared and analyzed from our expert astrologers. We also provide a personalized consultation.

Click on your Sun Sign to know the day's horoscope.

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