Gemini Sun Sign - Know Everything !

Planetary Ruler: Mercury Sanskrit Name: Mithun
Lucky Color: Green Lucky Day: Friday
Lucky Stone: Emerald Element: Air
Nakshatras: Mruga, Anda and Punarvasu  

Nature, Behavior and Traits

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury and it is the third Zodiac Sign. Mercury is one of the swiftest planets and very close to the Sun. Hence, Gemini Horoscope or those who belong to the Zodiac Sign Gemini can be said to have a speedy thought process. Representing the third house which is communication skills and related aspects, Geminians are also gifted with the power and insight towards oration and speech. They are good communicators, tactful and talkative. However, the sign of Gemini is “The Twins”, which means duality.

In addition to this, in Gemini Horoscope the element of “Air” makes them unpredictable, with inconsistent behavioral patterns, and constant changes in their moods. They are curious, social and very clever. These qualities can be put to a positive use as it also implies that Geminians have the ability to approach situations from varied angles and select the best and appropriate one. The planet mercury blesses this Zodiac sign with its intelligence and humor as well. They love to associate with different set of friends at different times and places. Being talkative, they love to communicate with others, exchange ideas, travel and help others. By nature Geminians are social and dependable. However, at times they can turn impatient and show restlessness and anxiety, and are very easily influenced by others opinions and thoughts.