Year ahead with Modi Govt

This article broadly speaks about, covers and makes predictions about the year ahead with our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, who is highly loved and adored by all. While it also takes in account the life history of Narendra Modi, it primarily focuses on the year 2016, ups and downs for Sh. Modi, changes in the fortunes of the country, and also for BJP, his political entity.

People often surf for Modi current news or recent news about Narendra Modi, but it would be interesting to check out Narendra Modi horoscope predictions and know more about what the stars hold for Sh. Modi in the year 2016.

In a nutshell, the year 2016 would have its share of difficulties, but in the end, Sh. Modi and the nation would be able to see the year through without too many scars.

Before we actually get on with the predictions for Sh. Modi and the BJP government, let us take a few moments to contemplate the recent activities that Sh. Modi and the BJP government have involved themselves in, so as to get a feel of the direction that the BJP government intends to let the nation lead into.


Sh. Modi is known for his tremendous oratory skills, he creates a media face that is beyond par, at least in terms of the present day context, and he is also adored for the excellent and the tasteful way in which he dresses up. While the BJP has worked tirelessly to push reforms and make progress for the benefit of the nation ever since it has come into power, Sh. Modi was very recently in the news for his visit to the United States, where he met the founding members and directors of Google, Facebook and Microsoft, and the itenary involved a tour to the workplace facilities as well.

The Year ahead for Modi Government:

The very start of the year sees Rahu transit, as it joins Jupiter in the career house of Sh. Modi’s horoscope. Some consequences are predicted from the same, and Sh. Modi might have to face difficult times within the BJP itself. It is even possible that some close associates of Sh. Modi plan foul or even quit the party.

Overall, BJP might be required to go on the backfoot during the first half of the year. These are likely to be challenging times, as the government would face defamation.

In spite of the above mentioned unfavorable circumstances and situations, at a personal level, Sh. Modi would be praised for his inbuilt and highly adored qualities, which are his conviction and confidence. He would enhance his reputation as a wonderful orator, and would also come up with a set of fresh plans and policies for the nation to attain greater heights. In particular, the sectors which would benefit would be communication, trade and transport.

However, some factors that could work towards marring the progress of the nation can also be seen in Sh. Modi’s horoscope. As the planet Saturn continues its transit into the Natal moon, it would further lead to misunderstandings and blame game. This is likely to affect the growth rate of the country in a negative way.

In particular, Mar-Apr, 2016 is a phase wherein a major national loss could take place, as Saturn and Mars transit into the same house.

Another trend which can be highlighted from Sh. Modi’s horoscope is that that the opposition would strongly object and raise problems, whenever new policies and procedures are bought into play. Finally, Sh. Modi also needs to take care that his health and fitness are not overlooked while working towards meeting the high demands of his role as the Prime Minister of the nation.

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