Mars and Real estate Deals

Are you going through tense moments as property deals are not as per your expectations? Are you not getting a proper quote for your flat/shop/bungalow to be sold? Or is it that you are not getting an appropriate buyer?

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Mars the red planet is associated with metals, land, property and is known as “Bhumi Putra”. It is the ruling planet of Aries and because of its red color is also known as Mangal or the red planet. According to astrology, it has a lot of influence on the living beings and can be associated with lots of human qualities like self assertion, sexuality, strength, ambition, aggression and confidence.

A beneficial Mars can turn out to be very advantageous for you, by boosting your self confidence, sharpening your wit, augmenting your adventurous spirit, uplifting your goal determination and improving leadership qualities. But on the other hand, when Mars is afflicted, those in its native would lose temper too quickly, become quarrelsome, lazy and too gaudy to do anything creative. It might sometimes even lead a native to repress their vital power, but the fact shouldn’t be ignored that a settled Mars would eventually emerge through constant tantrums, temper and irritability. So all one needs to do is channel its direction and give it a positive outlet, once the goal is determined it will make the most of your potential with the use of your assertive and hidden treasures.

Mars generally orbits around the sun in 687 days, which is almost twice of what earth takes. So as the Mars orbit, it spends equaling 57.25 days in each sun sign. Presently mars is ‘combust’, meaning it is travelling along with the sun and is on the other side. Since it is hidden from the earth’s view, it is unable to transit its vibrations to planet earth as sun’s power and light stands as an obstruction. Therefore, it is unable to send its positive energy to crack any property deals fruitfully or prove beneficial for the native in any way. This period would be up to 3rd of august 2015, which is why we suggest that you should not take up any new deals during this period. You need to be patient and not lose hope as everything negative, which is happening right now would subside by the next month.

During this difficult times chant the beej mantra of Mars. You can also offer red grams daal and red clothes as a donation to the poor and needy. Along with the charity work you should also worship and take the blessings of Lord Ganpati and offer prayers on Tuesday.