The Power of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is supposed to be the most powerful planet in Vedic Astrology. There is a reason why it is considered the most powerful. The Reason is that it can delay the influence of any planet which wants to benefit the natal by completely slowing down its speed of giving you beneficial results. It can also slow deter the negative influences of malefic planets in your horoscope if Saturn itself is beneficial in horoscope i.e. birth horoscope or current transit.

astrology-vedic-astrology-astro-astrology-consultation-astrology-analysis-astrology-service-astrology-importance-vedic-astrology-importance-pundit-junction-saturnSaturn has the key to wealth, power and any other kind of opulence as it can alone confer all the prosperity to the natal without the support of any other planet. Saturn is the judge, the tax collector and off course the wise teacher who teaches you in a hard way so that you have practical experiences of things which you need to learn. That's the way you will never forget your lessons.

Lucky are they, who have strong and favorably disposed Saturn in their Birth horoscopes. In this modern era, where money, power and other prestigious acquisitions become a must for any individual to move around honorably and comfortably in the society, Saturn should be well placed. The Wealth conferred by Saturn lasts for generations.

Saturn controls things that are found underneath earth. In layman's terms, things that are found underground like Oil, metals (especially Iron), various precious gemstones(especially Blue Sapphire is considered the gemstone ruled by Saturn). The Petrodollars are connected to Saturn as they are dollars acquired through the Oil trade. Saturn controls technology, the hardware part of it while software part of it is controlled by Mars. So we can understand and feel the influence of Saturn in this age of science and technology. The Current aquarian age is also ruled by Saturn.



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  • Raj

    Very true and inspiring article for those seeking true knowledge of why bad things happen in one's life its our own "karma" we cannot escape it hide it or get away from it, some how it will find us and give strong lessons of life. Very well written. Jai Shani Dev