Importance of Ruby in Astrology

Each Gemstone has its own significance when it comes to Astrological studies. Gemstones can be classified as per the Sun Sign or the ruling planet of the Zodiac. Based on this, after a detailed study of your Birth Chart a particular gemstone is prescribed to you. The Gemstone Ruby can help reduce the negative effects of the Sun Sign Leo and has an important place in Astrology. The Sun Sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Sun being the all-powerful and ruling celestial body, its importance is quite grave.


Effects of Sun

The Sun has an influential role to play in the lives of humans. It is only because of the Sun that life exists on earth. Thus the planet has a few traits that of imparting authority, delegating work and being natural leaders. People who are ruled by the planet Sun, undertake responsibility, are very ambitious, generous and trustworthy, just like the Sun. However, since the Sun is only one of its kind, and has immense energy, it also shows traits of being arrogant, violent, boastful, impulsive, impatient and egoistic nature. These negative traits can prove to be quite detrimental for the growth of a person in certain cases and might even spoil relationships. On the other hand, if the Sun is placed in the wrong position in your Birth Chart or in comes in conjunction with a malefic celestial body, the effects can be grave. This could be very well seen in the nature of the person and bring down the person in most areas of life.

How Ruby can help?

Ruby with its positive energies that for the Sun can bring a huge difference in the nature and conduct of a person. It brings liveliness, creates positive energy and also protects a person from evil spirits. Apart from enhancing the positive traits of a person, it improves the financial status of the wearer, brings success and stability in the life of the wearer. The benefits of this gemstone are immense and quite effective.

Ruby and its importance in Astrology

As Ruby is recommended against the all-powerful celestial being, “the Sun”, it importance is immense in Astrology. The red color of the stone can be compared to the violent nature of the Sun. It brings positivity and a lot of changes when worn after thorough analysis of your horoscope.

How to wear a Ruby?

It is best to wear a Ruby on a Sunday after following all the rituals of purifying the stone. A pooja needs to be performed, followed by chanting the right mantras before wearing the gemstone. You need to ensure that you are aware of the procedures or consult learned personnel in this field to attain maximum benefits of the stone.

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