How Is Numerology Linked To Our Health

Good health is the key to joy and happiness in life. In the field of numerology (mulank), researchers who come to know about the effect of numbers on a person’s fate have also worked upon the numbers that impact one’s health negatively. Correspondingly researchers have figured out the numbers that can overcome these ill effects and can help us lead long, happy and healthy lives. As an example,

  1. The deity of this number is Lord Surya or Sun, and the Sun affects heart ailments, head, hair, anger, blood pressure, bones, right eye, ailments related to skin. Consulting an expert numerologist for related remedies can be greatly helpful.
  2. The deity of number 2 is the Moon. The moon is a representative of psyche and it can cause disorders of the mind. Alternately, it is associated with breathing problems, asthma, irregularities in the brain, anemia and breast diseases.
  3. Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter and it is connected with ailments caused by obesity, kidney disorders, hearing problems, diabetes, digestive function etc.
  4. This number is ruled by Rahu and is linked with malignant diseases, tooth disorders, nervous breakdowns, heart ailments, cancer etc.
  5. The ruler of this number is Mercury and it is attached with disorders associated with gall bladder, skin ailments, throat diseases, mental worries, faltering speech, impotency, deafness and bad dreams.
  6. The numeral 6 is ruled by Shukra or Venus, and it represents love, prosperity, reproduction, hormones, diabetes, stones in kidney or gall bladder, typhoid, appendicitis etc.
  7. The owner of this numeral is Ketu and like Rahu, it is effective on all sorts of diseases including skin ailments, seasonal ailments, congenital ailments, ailments caused while surgical or other operations etc.
  8. Owner of the numeral 8 is Shani or Saturn, which is connected with arthritis, all problems associated with knees or bones, pain in teeth, fatigue and weakness.
  9. The number 9 is ruled by Mars and is an indicator of bravery and chivalry. It is nevertheless associated with ailments associated with blood, accidents, operations, brittle bones, ailments of uterus etc.

The numbers 1 to 9 are the heart of numerology, wherein they can be linked with everyday life and ailments. One can know about these numbers and in accordance with Shastras, you could have suitable remedies done for the same.