Divorce and Sun Signs

The Sun Sign influences a lot of behavioral patterns and traits of people who are belonging to the same Zodiac. These signs are ruled by celestial bodies, such as Mars, Venus, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. The ruling celestial bodies and its Lord impacts the lives of people who are associated to a particular Sun Sign. In the same manner each Zodiac Sign accord to a precise element, that of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and the Sky. These elements and its combination with the other elements at times can prove to be quite fatal for a relationship to survive. In a way the Sun Signs can easily define the relationship status of people who are in a close knitted association such as marriage.


A marriage is a bond where two people come together to share their entire lives with each other. In the journey they have children, see them grow; attain fortune in the form of prudence, wealth, and other riches of the world, happiness, being one of them. However, differences in this sacred relationship can toss your entire life and bring adversity not only to one person but the entire family that is closely associated with each other, including children. It might fall apart to such an extent that the marriage is called off, leading to divorce. Divorce and its effects are quite painful, and thus one has to take utmost precautions before one commits for a relationship that of marriage.

It is advisable therefore to get your Birth Chart analyzed or at least check your Sun Sign compatibility, because years down the lane one should not regret about taking this important decision and wish to undo the past. The Sun Signs give a gist of your personality traits, and to be on the safer side it is always better to analyze this aspect, especially if you are embracing a relationship that is for keeps.