Birth Chart/Horoscope (Kundali) and Human Characteristics


Human traits and characteristics are often defined by the Zodiac Sign or the planet you are being ruled by. These traits count a lot when you wish to know a person, however, the Birth Chart/Horoscope can precisely define the characteristics of an individual without being generalized. The fact that the Birth Chart is prepared only after getting the details of the exact date, time, and place of birth of a person, the individualities and features could be unique and one of its kind.


The planets have a grave influence on the life of the person. One even acts in a manner that is quite influential by the ruling star/planet. After your Birth Chart is prepared, a learned astrologer can very well analyze the events one is most likely to encounter. Besides, the placements of the planets in your birth chart also alter the inbound traits of a person, and thus these traits are considered to be more defined. It is thereby best advised to get your Birth Chart prepared and analyzed in order to know a few qualities that can differentiate a person from another.

The characteristic traits and features of a person can be used for match making, before entering into the nuptial bonds. They can help know the compatibility and common traits shared by the two individuals and how well they can cope with each other for life. Reading your Birth Chart has added more value because of this feature. These days it is also used for job purposes, especially if the job demands a person who has a clear conscience and who can adapt to the changing circumstances without taking any pressure. Reading your Birth Chart has a lot more to offer than knowing the qualities of a person. However, this being an important aspect of a person’s life, one can very easily get accurate details of a individual who is unique and one of his/her kind.