Vedic Astrology and Lagna Chart

Vedic Astrology has a very ancient history that deals with the study and analysis of planets and stars that surround the earth. It is a science of time which reveals our journey on planet earth.  Based on the time of birth, the place of birth and date of birth you are born under your entire life is determined. Thus the stars and planets are not good or bad. It is your Birth Chart/Lagna Chart that is prepared based on your birth details, which further highlights the placement of these heavenly bodies that contribute to most of your life events that you are bound to experience.

Your “Karma” plays a crucial role in determining the placements of planets during your birth. Thus in short Astrology deals with one’s journey from a physical consciousness to the inner spiritual consciousness. It directly deals with the mind and the soul.

The science of Astrology deals with observation of the positions of a set of stars, planets, nakshatras, etc and the corresponding effects which result into events on the planet earth. To translate and analyse the effects of these events, a rational procedure was evolved. The base was the solar system with the Sun, Moon and the Planets, the 12 Zodiac Sign along with the Nakshatra or the constellation along with hereditary factors, the environment and very important the “Karma” of that person.

All this is systematically laid down in a chart which consists of the 12 celestial houses (constituted of 30° each). The plotting of planets stars and zodiac signs are done on the basis of the date, time and place of Birth of a person.

The place denotes the latitude and longitude to calculate the position and placement of the planets at a particular point of time, i.e., Date and Time of Birth. This is precisely the Lagna Chart or Birth Chart which is taken as the base for further analysis to find out how the planets are placed. The behavior of these celestial being in our journey on planet earth is something which learned, experienced and expert astrologers can help you with.

Analysis of the Lagna Chart plays a key role in understanding the journey and getting things rectified or the negativity removed for a smooth sailing in our journey towards completion.