Tips to Wear Moonga (Coral)

Moonga also known as Coral is a red Gemstone that depicts the planets Mars. This gemstone is most often recommended to people to belong to the Sun Sign Aries and Scorpio as they are both ruled by the planet Mars.

Effects of the Gemstone Moonga

Moonga helps to reduce the malefic effects of the planet Mars. Thus if the planet Mars is not placed well in your Horoscope, you may be recommend to wear a Moonga. Besides the gemstone also keeps evil spirits away, increases the wearer’s self-confidence and brings in good health. It is also believed that pure Coral changes its color and intimates the wearer if faced with any health issues.

What is the procedure to wear a Moonga?

It is always better to wear Coral on a Tuesday. It has to be worn in the ring finger of your right hand. The procedure to wear a Moonga, involves observing a fast, performing a pooja and reciting the mantras that is appropriate to appease the Lord.

The following mantra can be recited before wearing a Moonga:

“Om Saha Kroom Kreem Kraam Bhomaya Nama”

Pure Moonga

Coral/ Moonga is a valuable gemstone. Pure Corals are lighter in weight and are very soft in texture. You may find fine granules under this stone when seen in a mirror. However, the source you attain the gemstone from is also very important. One should also ensure that you have a thorough study of your Horoscope before wearing a gemstone. Professional help in this regard is very important.