Stones and its Significance

Gemstone has a lot of importance in Astrology. It helps nullify the malefic effects of the planets that might create problems in a person’ s life. Based on the planetary influence there are certain gemstones that help abolish the effects of a particular planet. Thus there is a specific gemstone for each planet as per Vedic Astrology.

Significance of Gemstones

Gemstones are one of the remedial measures that a person can take to come out of the spectrum created by harmful planet. It has immense benefits and is quite convenient as well. Most people these days are seen adorning a gemstone and it has become a new fashion statement. However, its significance cannot be disguised. Wearing a gemstone brings along, wealth, fame, happiness, peace, and satisfaction that are quite essential to lead a happy and content life. People going through bad phases of life can stabilize their hardships or even avoid an unforeseen circumstance through the power of these gemstones. Based on the placement of the planets in your Birth Chart a suitable gemstone is recommended. These planets at times come in conjunction with various other planets and thus you might as well be suggested to wear more than one gemstone. In most cases the gemstone that is suitable as per your Zodiac Sign is apt, however, there might be exceptions depending upon your Birth Chart readings.

Gemstones as per your Zodiac Sign/Ruling Planet

All the 12 Zodiac Signs have certain gemstone as per the ruling planet or lord or the Zodiac. However, in some instances there might be a gemstone recommended for two different Zodiacs, if the planetary effects are similar or if the Zodiac has the same elements.

Based on this we have the Gemstone Coral for Aries which can also be worn for Scorpio, the Gemstone Opal for Taurus and also for Libra, the Gemstone Emerald for Virgo and Gemini, Golden Topaz for Sagittarius and Pisces, Amethyst for Capricorn and Acquarius, Ruby for Leo and Pearl for Cancer.

It is not a thumb rule to go with the gemstones as per your Sun Sign. In some instances it might work wonders or in some it may be otherwise. It is best advisable to consult a learned astrologer to analyze and read your Birth Chart in order to receive the right remedies and the best gemstone to wear, which could prove beneficial for you.