Rudra Abhishek To Please Lord Shiva

About Abhishek

Abhishek is a ritual performed to please a particular God or Goddess. This ritual involves pouring pure water or ghee, milk, sugar, curds or honey on a Shiv Ling while simultaneous chating of vedic mantras and performing a pooja. This ritual has grave importance since ancient times and is quite effective to gratify the Lords.

What is Rudra Abhishek?

A Rudra Abhishek as the name suggests is a ritual performed to please Lord Shiva. Rudra is a one of the benevolent forms of Lord Shiva. Thus through this customary the various attributes and aspects of the Lord are invoked and worshipped. It is quite effective to fulfill your desires, uplifting your deep-rooted consciousness of love, care, and nullifying the negative influences of the mind and body.

rudra abhishek to lord shiva

Significance of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva, who is also known as “Tri Netri”, “Neel Kanth” and “Ardhanarinateshwar”, is the Supreme Being and is considered the Lord of the Lords. He destroys evil and sorrows and protects the good. The Lord is quite compassionate and is thus easily pleased. Upon being appeased, He bestoys, properity, love, success and pure consciousness on His devotees.

He is the almighty, who is all knowing, wise and infinite. In various mythological scriptures He is considered the principal form of Gods. As a destructor he gives way to a new universe, with new opportunities and a new beginning. His blessings are therefore very vital for all living beings.

When to perform a Rudra Abhishek?

There are certain days which are of grave importance and are related to Lord Shiva. Thus performing a Rudra Abhishek on these days helps yield the most benefits to fulfill your desires and wishes. Some of the best days to perform this ritual are:

  1. Mahashivratri

  2. Pradosham Days
  3. Chaturdashi
  4. All Mondays of the auspicious Shravan/ Sawan Month and
  5. The month of Karthik 

A Rudra Abhishek would certainly help to please the God of Gods – Shiva.