Manglik Dosh and Its Ill Effects

What do we humans expect from life?

Apart from getting a good job, good health, and wealth, we all crave for love, a good family life, relationships and a life that is less stressful. It is understood that it is the planet Venus that can shower the good fortune of having a well set family life. However, if the planet Mars appears in the family house (Sthan) of a person, it might create havoc as far as forming relationships and getting other pleasures associated with your family is concerned. We call this as Manglik Dosh.

Mars and its Effects

Mars, is the red planet that is quite close to the earth.  The red color of the planet denotes fire and blood, and thus it has a ferocious nature. Most accidents and unpleasant situations could be a result of it. Nevertheless, the planet Mars cannot be always associated with evil. On the flip side, it also brings in the best career and jobs for a person. We have the best of doctors, engineers, architects, soldiers, and policemen all because of a powerful Mangal/ Mars.

manglik dosha effects in life

Mangal/ Mars stands for courage, strength, bravely and daring. It has many good qualities and thus it is not an abuse, as most people think a Manglik Dosh is. Although it has certain ill effects, but it is not mandatory that each and every person might experience such ill effects. Your Mangal dosh could be less critical in some cases.

Ill effects of Manglik Dosh

  • When Mars appears in the family house of a person it might create misunderstandings, arguments and fights between partners.
  • The partners are physically separated for unknown reasons. This could be owing to job, children or other reasons. In short it does not help a person attain the benefits of staying in a close knitted family.
  • The spouse may have to suffer from serious health problems, which might at times even result into death.
  • The sex life of a person is disrupted. It may lead to extramarital affairs in some cases.
  • One may also experience delay in marriage which might further lead to various problems such as difficulty to conceive and getting along with in-laws.

Remedies to get over Manglik Dosh

When the planet Mars is placed in an unfriendly House (Sthan) in your birthchart, there are strong possibilities that the person might not get family satisfaction. However, with a few remedies one can overcome this fault or minimize it to some extent. A few remedies listed are:

  • When matching your horoscope for marriage purpose if one Manglik marries another Manglik the dosh is nullified.
  • Other remedies include, reciting Mantras, Jaaps, Pooja and wearing Gemstones to reduce the ill effects of this dosh.
Mangal Dosh Nivaran Pooja