Love, Marriage & its Baggage

Is Marriage a Bed of Roses or Thorns?

Marriage is a sacred bond that gives security to the two people who take wows of being together for the rest of their lives or till time immortal. Looks like a fairy tale. It is believed that marriages are made in Heaven, however, most marriages go astray after a few years of togetherness or once children and family issues horn in at regular intervals. The result is, when love transforms into marriage it comes with a lot of baggage and responsibilities and somehow the togetherness and intimacy that was once felt gets hidden under trivial household responsibilities and also the pressure to sustain in the competitive world as far as job and family status is concerned.

Married Life of Our Parents

Marriage is a very ancient belief. It is a ritual that is centuries old and has a very strong base. The fact that two people coming together to share their lives and differences has made this one of the most sacred bonds of human civilization. So, you think there were no differences among married people in the past? Well to make a long story short, there had been differences, however, people in the past were too conservative to go astray and in the public to break the bonds of marriage as there were not just two lives but the lives of their children also involved in the relationship. So the system was never disrupted.

What has caused this glitch?

Respect for each other, Responsibility towards Kids & Regard for the Society

Today most partners have a free independent attitude. They are financially strong and thus not dependent on each other. They take their own decisions and would also like to do things their way while taking most of the concerns or issues of running a family. The disconnection starts here as no one wishes to step back. This gives way to arguments and distrust. Partners drift away from each other and get attracted to people who they think have love for them. It has becomes easier to get love, affection, and respect from colleagues and the people at your work place with whom you spend the most amount of time. With this, respect for each other, responsibility towards kids and regard for the society faces a brunt. The whole system of marriage thus comes crashing down.

How is Astrology Beneficial?

Astrology is one such guide that can act as a navigational tool that can steer through the obstacles, understand your mind set, the nature, and then analyze to minimize the negative trends to save the relationship.

The birth chart is a combination of stars, planets, celestial houses, zodiac signs of a person at the time of birth. This is matched with the movements of planets/stars in the present situation. The birth chart/horoscope analysis can define the nature, personality, relationship, happiness that a person is destined to attain. Compatibility and matching of horoscope between two people is analyzed for long lasting happiness and a successful married life.

Intervention of Marriage Counselors

Marriage Counselors play a major role in mending homes. They make people realize that happiness and joy are never constant. It is like a seesaw that they would experience with every person, once people come together and start living with each other.

Moreover broken homes hamper a child’s future. It might make kids emotionally so vulnerable that they stop believing in the institution of marriage. One has to thereby balance your life between the emotional quotient and happiness quotient. Learn to forgive and accept the short coming of your partner as you may also have a few flaws.

To ensure that there is compatibility between partners, share your ideas with each other on a regular basis and do not react to things in a manner that can put one off completely. Clearing off issues is the best solution. Seek blessings from the almighty and pray for a harmonious life. Besides, seek for other remedies such as performing rituals such as pooja, wearing a gemstone to attach positive energies, or get the vastu of home read.

All we can suggest is, “precaution is better than cure”. So get your horoscope matched before you walk down the aisle and take this very important decision of marriage.