The three Sanskrit words- Karta, Kriya and Karma are of utmost significance in our lives, wherein Karta refers to ‘us’ and literally means ‘ourselves’ while Kriya means ‘how’ or ‘in what manner’. Similarly Karma means work. We reap what we sow and the outcomes that we receive in all aspects of life are dependent on our Karmas. Karma may be seen as a bank balance, wherein we can withdraw only as much amount as we deposit and when we take a loan, it has to be repaid.  

Accumulated effect of Karma over a sustained period of time yields results for us. If we have a bank balance of good deeds, then the consequences are called fortune but if we have done something wrong, the received outcome is known as misfortune. As per our Karmas in previous births, we receive all that is ours in the present incarnation, and it is our Karmas alone that define the placement of Graha- Nakshatras or cosmic positioning at the time of our birth. Irrespective of whether our birthchart is favorable or unfavorable, it is all an upshot of the cumulative effects of our Karmas.

Sometimes we may find that a person who is genuinely nice has to suffer in this world while a criminal who does something bad is making merry. This can be explained by cumulative Karma wherein we have to face the outcome of our good or bad Karmas, which are our actions from the past.

If two different persons are born at the same time and in the same kundali, even they may get separate outcomes in this life owing to the circumstances that surround them at the time of birth. If a child’s home environment is joyful and affectionate after he is born, the child inculcates these positive vibes within himself. However, in absence of this positivity at home, when the entire persona of the household is stressful, it is possible that the offspring might not able to retain the cosmic favorability.

In Astrology, childbirth is deeply associated with Karma. The planetary positions at the time of our birth and also the environment in the home where we are born are all because of our Karmas in our previous births. Our Karmas define the joy or unhappiness we receive in our present incarnation.