Importance of Abhishek

There are certain rituals in the hindu culture that are considered quite auspicious. Offering an Abhishek is one of them. It is belived that the Gods, especially Lord Shiva is pleased when Abhishek is offered in temples or any religious places. This in turn brings peace, prosperity and good will to all of us.

Abhishek is a ritual that is performed to please any God or Goddess. Depending upon the deity you wish to please the Abhishek may differ. Abhishek literally means pouring of water or panchamrut (different offerings) on a particular diety. As an alternative, milk, ghee, sugarcane juice, honey or Ganga jal is poured to please a particular God or attain blessings to fulfill your wishes.

importance of abhishek

Offering Sugar cane juice, for example, help please the Goddess of wealth – Laxmi. The various other offerings have different meaning and gives different results to the devotee. Offering honey may bring riches and financial gains, milk would help a person attain a baby boy, ghee is offered to expand your family lineage and have a fulfilling life, offering Ganga water would help devotees to attain Moksha, and pure water Abhishek would help remove troubles from one’s life and fulfill special wishes.

Thus one should be aware of the type of Abhishek you wish to offer and the kind of blessings you wish to gain. Offering Abhishek is of grave importance and has a lot of prominence in Hindu culture. It pleases the almighty, brings peace of mind and makes one realize of the purpose of life. One becomes more open to embrace life and the realities associated with it.