How to Wear Golden Topaz Ring?

Golden Topaz is the most apt gemstone for people who are influenced by the planet Jupiter. It is a soft, shiny, yellow gem, which is rare in its kind. Golden Topaz is suitable for the Zodiac Signs Pisces and Sagittarius and also for those who have a weak Jupiter in their Birth Chart. Thus before you wear a Golden Topaz, it is advisable to have a thorough analysis of your birth chart in order to reap maximum benefits.

Benefits of wearing a Golden Topaz

Wearing a Golden Topaz would help minimize the ill effects of the planet Jupiter, in case the planet is week or is combined with malefic planets. It improves the health of the wearer, promotes creativity, confidence and strength of the person. People who belong to creative fields, such as writing, music, drama, art, etc., have experienced the benefits of wearing a Golden Topaz.

How to wear Golden Topaz Ring?

When wearing a Golden Topaz, you need to first ensure that the stone is genuine, only then you may attain the benefits of the gemstone. All the religious rituals need to be performed before wearing this gemstone. The rituals include, fasting, performing a pooja, cleansing the stone with pure water/milk and reciting the right mantras.

The following mantra has to be recited 19000 times to attain the blessings of the planet Jupiter.

“Om Saha Jroong Jring Jrang Om Brihaspate Namah”

When to wear a Golden Topaz?

  • The Nakshatras of the planet Jupitor are Punarvasu, Vishakha, Purva and Bhadrapada. A Golden Topaz can be worn on these Naksahtras, i.e., when the moon is in the Nakshatra.

  • It has to be worn on a Thursday, one hour from Sunrise.

  • It can also be worn on a Full Moon Day.

Following the procedures of wearing a gemstone is also very important. One can also ensure that you wear it on an appropriate date and time to attain favorable results.

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