Astrological Remedies

Vedic Astrology has its base in Astronomy. However, Astrology begins where Astronomy ends. Astrology has been proving quite beneficial for humans. It is only through astrology that one has come closer to God and has known about the cycle of birth and death. The evil effects of certain planets can bring a lot of ups and downs in a person life. Astrological remedies have come to the rescue here. Remedies in astrology have opened new paths for people to cleanse their Karmas and attain Enlightment.

Why Astrological Remedies?

When a dosh appears in your Horoscope or Birth Chart it causes various problems and hardships in the life of a person for a certain period of time. In some cases the period is quite vital for the growth and development of the future and thus cannot be ignored. Astrological Remedies in such cases would help minimize the malefic effects of the planets, if not nullify it completely. In some cases a person can even attain greater heights and reach to their career peak after practicing a few remedies.

What are the Remedies?

After having a thorough analysis of your horoscope from a learned astrologer, you may be prescribed a remedy to ensure that you lead a stable life. Some of the remedies include chanting of Vedic Mantras, performing a Pooja with all the rituals such as offering flowers, offering food (also known as archana), and performing a yagna or homa.

Apart from these “Gemstones” also contains immense energy that can help reduce the evil effects of the malefic planets in your Birth Chart.

Where can one perform the Remedies?

Remedies can be performed at any religious place such as a temple or even at a person’s home. However, one should ensure that the remedies are performed with your whole heart. It should be done to appease the lord and with complete devotion.