Numerology Ruling Numbers (Mulank 5)

Mulank 5

The ruling planet of Moolank 5 is Mercury and its influence is more significant on the people born between the dates 21 st May to 22nd June. Amiable temperament, quick witted disposition and intelligence are your key qualities. It is very difficult to understand and recognize what goes in your mind. Being a friend and making friends comes naturally to you. You are brave, patient and courageous, and like to take up new challenges. Your decisions are quick, spontaneous and precise, and you have a deep regard for time and punctuality. You are fond of travelling but may not always find too much time for the same. However, the journeys you do make are fruitful. You are capable of bringing about a change in yourself as per the requirement of the situation and this makes you popular. Owing to your capability to multi-task, you sometimes and run a business along with your employment. Your risks are calculated and this enables you to get ahead in life. But at times, you do not complete a task that you may have taken up. You are kind hearted, like to help other people out and believe in destiny, divinity and Karma. As you are cautious towards your health, you look and feel young.

Important points for Number 5

Birth Dates- 5, 14, 23
Ruling planet- Mercury
Favorable zodiac signs- Virgo, Gemini
Favorable days- Sunday, Friday, Wednesday
Favorable phase- 21st May to 22nd June
Favorable Moolank- 1, 6
Favorable years- 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 68, 77, 86, 95
Favorable planets- Sun, Mercury
Unfavorable planet- moon
Favorable zodiac signs- Leo, Taurus, Libra
Lucky stone- Emerald
ucky Substitute stone- Onyx
Deity- Vishnu, Ganapati
Days for Fast- Poornima

Lucky mantra- Om Bhraam Bhreem bhraum Sah Budhay Namah

Lucky color- Green
Lucky direction- North