Today, Your Child Goes to School For First Time!

Children at all places in the world are scared of going to school as they are free spirited and find education burdensome. This is a phase in which a child will grow significantly, both mentally and physically. In such a scenario, it becomes a must that parents go that extra mile to ensure that their child is able mix up with the environment in school and starts enjoying his time there.

If your child is playful and quick witted but is unable to concentrate on studies, it should not be a matter of concern and getting the child to wear a Moonstone or a Golden Topaz as a pendant can be greatly helpful. Still, if you have the child’s birth chart made and consult an expert astrologer, it would give you a better idea about effect of planets on your child. You would correspondingly be in a better position to figure out the most relevant remedies. Punditjunction is always available to render guidance.

Similarly, for children going back to school after holidays, it is like a fresh start and they may find it difficult to concentrate on studies. In such cases, it is normal for parents to be worried but they must give the kids some time to mingle within the environment at school. In spite of that, if the child is unable to regain his focus, then there are little solutions in astrology which should be put to implementation.

But it is of utmost significance that the parents have their child’s birth chart prepared in accordance with his date, time and place of birth. Consult with an expert astrologer so that your child’s future is safe, secure and free from all obstructions and hindrances. Punditjunction is with you for all difficulties in life.

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