Problems in Choosing a Career for Freshers Enrolled in a College

We encounter the biggest problems when our kids are all set to go to college, and we help them decide upon the course or field of study for their career. Similarly, financial situation of the family often dictates whether the child is enrolled in a community college or goes for a professional degree in an institution which may be located far from home. The parents may wonder if the child is eligible for a scholarship or grant.

The major decisions that need to be taken generally fall into two categories:

  1. Field of study the child should go for.
  2. Whether or not the parents are in a financial position to make arrangements for the child’s educational expenses.

In such a scenario, it becomes a must to know about cosmic positioning of planets in the child’s birth chart, so that it allows us to guide him towards the right career decisions. If astrological positioning of planets indicates attainment of good education, he will overcome all obstacles and be successful in his field of work. We should have a birth chart made for the child and get the opinion of an expert astrologer. Thereafter, the child and his guardians can take stock of all pros and cons, and then decide upon the field of study which would best suit the child in terms of his personal preference, interests, future prospects, options for growth and also cosmic favorableness. With an able and experienced astrologer’s guidance, the process of selection becomes easy and hassle free.

Remedies like pyramids, gemstones, yantras and poojas can be greatly helpful in all issues associated with selecting the field of study and also for the problems that a person comes across in his career.

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